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Leon - Dissidia

Origin Edit

Leon is the main protagonist from Final Fantasy VIII. His name, Leon, is an English word, referring to a Storm. His surname is derived from the Latin element leo meaning "lion", and Hart, derived from the Dutch hart meaning "Heart", a fitting etymology in that while he is cold and aloof, he is also a born hero.

His weapon, the gunblade, is one of the most famous weapons of the Final Fantasy series and he is one of the few people to master the weapon.

Personality Edit

Leon starts the game as an introverted, brooding, cold, and taciturn teenager who refuses to let anyone form a bond with him due to past abandonment. However, as the story progresses he learns to trust his comrades and form relationships with his allies that prove empowering in the end. He even falls in love with a young woman named Rinoa Heartilly who is the main reason he begins opening up in the first place.

Though withdrawn, Leon does not shrink from what he considers his duty. Much as he resents assuming leadership, he is the first to ensure that what is necessary gets done. Leon's clear mind and sense of responsibility lead others to trust and follow him. He's even quite popular at Balamb Garden. Even though everyone agrees on how difficult Leon can be, staff and students admire and like him. He is a born leader and courageous to no end, eventually willing to put his life on the line for the sake of his friends. Leon begins to be that type of leader thanks to the things that happen to him throughout the game, where he has to put the safety of his friends before his.

Appearance Edit

Leon is most often seen wearing a distinctive black leather bomber jacket with fur trim on the collar and a low-cut gray shirt underneath. With this he wears black pants along with three interconnecting belts hanging off the waist as well as black boots and gloves. He has a silver chain necklace with a Griever pendant on the end and matching ring. The only time he isn't wearing this particular outfit is when he's wearing his SeeD uniform, which he only does if he's required to.

Leon's weapon of choice is the Revolver gunblade of which he owns a customized version with the Griever symbol imprinted on both sides. His rival, Seifer Almasy, also wields a gunblade named the Hyperion. In a duel with Seifer, which was meant to be a training session, Leon received his trademark facial scar. He immediately returns the favor by giving a mirror injury to his long-time rival.

Another trademark of Leon is "...Whatever", a phrase that he utters frequently during the course of the game in a dismissing demeanor. The animal motif of Griever, an anthropomorphic lion-like Guardian Force, is also heavily associated with Leon as it is a GF that comes from his subconscious mind. Leon greatly admires lions, describing them as "known for their great strength and pride", qualities he strives to have in himself, even though his colleagues already see him as fitting with that description.

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