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Paine - FFX-2

Origin Edit

Paine is a playable character who first appears in Final Fantasy X-2. She is one of the three playable characters, and is the quietest of the girls. Her past is a mystery for most of the game, and it's up to the player to find out what happened to her two years ago.

Personality Edit

Paine has short silver hair and red eyes, making her look similar to Lulu from the previous game, but her personality is like Auron in her cynicism and the way she reveals information only when she needs to. Armed with a one-handed sword and a lukewarm attitude, no one knows much about the secretive Paine except that she is cynical, rather quiet and generally keeps to herself. Paine is extremely tough and loves a good fight, but she is also sensible enough to smell trouble a mile away. If she feels her fellow Gullwings are getting too enthusiastic, she would use sarcastic cracks to jolt them to their senses, and despite Rikku's constant prying she refuses to divulge any information about herself, except that she has always wanted to fly on an airship and hunt for spheres containing records of Spira's past. In spite of her dry wit and demeanor, Paine values her friendship with Yuna and Rikku highly.

Appearance Edit

Paine's manner of dress is completely different from that of other residents of the tropical world of Spira, and the cultural distinction implied by her clothing and appearance are never explained. The only known citizen of Spira who looks or dresses anything like her is Lulu, but no other relation is known between the two.

With short, silver hair she is most commonly seen wearing her black leather ensemble complete with high-heeled boots, elbow-length gloves and a unique top that folds back down. She wears a silver pendant, threaded with a barbed wire chain. She has a square-shaped face and slender red eyes. She is seen in eyeliner and pink lip-gloss and nothing more for cosmetics. Her swords possess a unique emblem at the base of the blade; a skull-like motif with a curved design around it. This motif also appears on the belt buckle of her warrior ensemble.

As mentioned before Paine's swords are unique in her Warrior, Dark Knight, and Samurai dresspheres, while in her White Mage and Black Mage dresspheres she wields the Malleable Staff and Enchanted Rod respectively. Her deck theme for the Lady Luck dressphere is diamonds and her Mascot dressphere is a Tonberry. All of her footwear is high-heeled as well.

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