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Tidus - Dissidia

Tidus is the main character in Final Fantasy X

The storyline of Final Fantasy X revolves around Tidus, a rising Blitzball star player from Zanarkand. After Sin attacked his hometown, Tidus was transported to the world of Spira. Lost, confused, and seemingly out of place, Tidus meets a newly-fledged summoner, Yuna, and her guardians. Yuna soon to set out on a pilgrimage in an attempt to put an end to a terrible creature only known as Sin. Similar to a gargantuan whale in appearance, Sin is the very creature that destroyed Zanarkand. By joining Yuna on her pilgrimage, Tidus hopes he will find his way home.

Personality Edit

Throughout the game, it is very noticeable that Tidus eventually matures, changing from a somewhat self-centered, outspoken athlete to a selfless hero. This theme is also hinted in the flashbacks of when Jecht helped defeat Sin in his own adventure, as well as in a conversation between Yuna and Tidus, where Yuna states that defeating Sin and bringing happiness to Spira makes any price worthwhile. At the game's conclusion, Tidus has obviously come around to her way of thinking. (Ironically, during the events of Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna expresses a clear opposition to sacrificing lives, indicating that she had taken up Tidus's way of thinking.)

Because he is never directly referred to by name in any audible dialogue, the pronunciation of his name among fans is sometimes unclear, although the expected Japanese pronunciation should be Tee-das/Tee-dusu. This was confirmed in dialogue from Kingdom Hearts, which featured him in an unusual cameo, and was also confirmed in an interview with James Arnold Taylor, who did Tidus' English voice. Unfortunately, in Kingdom Hearts II, although he doesn't appear, Selphie mentions him, pronouncing his name as Tie-dus, confusing the issue further. Though ostensibly unrelated to either, the pronunciation of his name among fans may also be affected by its resemblance to the English word tide and the given name Titus. However, due to the English release of Dissidia, all characters in-game refer to him as "Tee-dus."

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